Reviewing the Insurance Settlement

Using an insurance claim to pay for a roof replacement or repair can be a confusing process, but homeowners in Southeastern Michigan have Premier Roofing and Renovations on their side. Our experienced roofers have performed thousands of roof replacements, and we have over 20 years of experience working with insurance providers. We’ll help you throughout the project, from filing your claim to quality roofing work.

So, where were we in the roofing insurance claim process? We’d filed a claim and collected documentation, and an insurance adjuster had inspected the property. After the company reviews all the information, they’ll present you with a settlement offer outlining the dollar amount they’ll pay and how they came to that number.

Bloomfield Hills Roofing Project Roof ReplacementWhat to Do When You Get an Insurance Settlement in MI

When you get to the settlement portion of your claims process, you’re almost done! This is one of the last tasks before you have a brand new roof to protect your family and investment. Your next step is reviewing the settlement and negotiating with the insurance company if their offer doesn’t meet your standards.

  • Look It Over

    After receiving their settlement paperwork, homeowners should assess if they are receiving everything entitled to them by thoroughly reviewing their insurance policy, understanding their coverage limits, and seeking clarification from the insurance company when needed. Details to look for in the settlement include:

    • the scope of repairs,
    • the estimated cost breakdown,
    • any deductibles, coverage limitations, exclusions,
    • and the timeframe provided for accepting the offer.
  • Negotiate With Confidence

    When negotiating with the insurance company, homeowners typically engage in a back-and-forth process to reach a satisfactory resolution. It involves presenting evidence, such as repair estimates and documentation of damages, to support their claim and demonstrating how the proposed settlement aligns with their policy coverage.

  • Get the Help of a Professional

    Hiring a roofing professional can be crucial as they have the knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills to ensure a fair and equitable outcome, often surpassing the results achievable through a DIY approach.

    Protect your interests and secure a fair settlement by consulting with the roofing professionals at Premier Roofing and Renovations. Our experienced team will provide expert guidance, advocate on your behalf, and ensure you are not being exploited.

Don’t navigate the insurance claim process alone! Trust the Premier roofers to help you reach a satisfactory outcome. Contact Premier Roofing and Renovations today for the assistance you need.