How often should a roof be replaced?

Roof Repair BannerIf your roof has suffered repeated leaks or has simply been on your house for a decade or more, you may be wondering how often a roof should be replaced? Roof replacements can be scary, especially when it comes to cost, but the most reputable roofing company in your area can help.

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How often should a roof be replaced?

There are several factors that affect the lifespan of your roof that need to be explored before homeowners can answer this question.

  • Age of the Roof

    The age of your roof is the main factor when determining if a replacement is advisable or not. Roofs that are over 10 – 15 years old can start to accumulate problems as damage from leaking and wear over time can build up until the roof supports and other important roofing parts are weakened.

  • Results of a Roof Inspection

    When you get a professional roof inspection, it can uncover lots of roofing problems that may not be apparent to the naked eye. If your old roof has several of these issues, it should be replaced:

    • Missing shingles
    • Damaged roof decking
    • Loss of granules on shingles
    • Damaged flashing
    • Blocked or inefficient vents
  • New Roof Cost vs Roof Value

    The final factor for choosing a roof replacement is the cost-effectiveness of new roofing materials. A new roof can add serious value to your home or commercial building not just in the short term with curb appeal, but improved property values over time with a long-term roof warranty.

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