Insurance Covered Roof Replacement Macomb MI – Saving Homeowner $30K!

Most local homeowners know that in Michigan townships like Macomb, Premier Roofing and Renovations is the local roofing company to call for storm damage repairs and all kinds of roof or home exterior problems like leaks or storm damage. Though local homeowners trust us for repairs, they may not know that we’re experienced with navigating the insurance claims process, so we can do superior roofing work and save you thousands at the same time!

Premier Roofing and Renovations Saves Macomb, MI Homeowner $30K on Insurance-Covered Roof Replacement!

In the quiet neighborhood of Macomb, MI, a homeowner’s distress call began a remarkable home exterior transformation. With leaking issues plaguing their roof, the homeowner knew Premier Roofing & Renovations would help. A meticulous inspection unveiled wind-damaged shingles as the cause of their leaks. Rather than just replacing the shingles, we proposed a comprehensive solution: a full roof replacement.

Skillfully navigating the claims process, we armed ourselves with a detailed estimate and initiated an insurance claim on the homeowner’s behalf. The result? Their homeowners’ insurance stepped in to cover the entire scope of the roof replacement, saving the homeowner thirty thousand dollars!

Owens Corning Duration Shingles, built to withstand 100-120 mph winds, brought the homeowner unparalleled peace of mind. These high-quality dimensional shingles provided durability and enhanced the home’s aesthetic appeal. Our skilled team performed the entire replacement in a single day, backed by a full crew of trained roofers, and concluded with an immaculate cleanup, leaving behind a home with newfound elegance, a clean residential property, and increased value.

Initially, the homeowner was worried about noise and disruption of their life during the work, but when our crew was done, they were overjoyed with their leak-free, beautiful new roof–and the low cost! Word spread through the neighborhood like wildfire, kindling a growing demand for our exceptional roofing and home exterior restoration services. Premiere Roofing & Renovations is steadfast in its commitment to elevating Macomb Township’s roofing landscape, one gorgeous roof at a time.

For Roof Replacements in Macomb, MI, Premier Roofing and Renovations is the local company to call. We saved your neighbor thousands!

If your roof gives you headaches and you’re afraid of the cost, our office is just a call away, ready to offer a free inspection and detailed estimate. Let us negotiate with your insurance company for the best repair deal or even a complete replacement! Together, we can ensure that your home is safe and stylish.