Church Roofing Project Near Southgate, MI

Premier Roofing & Renovations took on a challenging church roof project near Southgate, MI that began as an insurance claim, which took two years to process. Despite the difficulties, they persisted and completed a roof replacement of the large, steep roof in only three days once the insurance was on board. Quality inspections by supervisors ensured that the finished product would stand the test of time.

This project was a true testament to Premier Roofing & Renovations commitment to their clients. Despite the difficulties of navigating a two-year-long insurance claim process, the Premier team refused to give up on their client and kept pushing for approval for the work, even involving an outside claim adjustor. The company’s unwavering determination to advocate for their clients and long-standing relationships with their customers sets them apart from other roofers.

This project was a large-scale one involving both pitched and flat roof areas. The team had to navigate trouble areas where the shingles met the flat roof and work around skylights. Despite the pushback they received, Premier Roofing & Renovations completed the job in three days with a team of 27 professionals. They used top-quality materials, such as GAF shingles, which are guaranteed to last at least 50 years. Quality inspections from supervisors also oversaw the project to ensure that everything was done correctly.

Overall, this church roofing project near Southgate, MI, is a testament to Premier Roofing & Renovations commitment to their clients and their ability to tackle even the most challenging projects. In addition, their expertise in navigating insurance claims, dedication to their customers, and efficient team of professionals make them a top choice for roof replacement projects in Michigan.

If your church, social club, or nonprofit is worried about the roof on your facility, contact us for a professional roof inspection. You can count on our team to fight for you!